Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Edit Shmedit. The dog Sam, again.

So I skipped a concert rehearsal this morning to do a four hour edit job from the UK; a five thousand word piece on a sort-of theological topic without too many of those pesky footnotes. I'm thinking it must be the godly influence of yesterday's post, linking to Owen Waters' web pages. I had some e-exchanges with Owen back when he was still single and spending time in Cornwall, England, visiting towns that I remembered such as Helston and Mullion Cove. Then he went home to California where he wed the girl of his dreams and started publishing books online. So it goes.

Anyhow, the afternoon's concert at Minlaton went nicely although our numbers seem to be 'way down at the moment because of this and that. The audience numbers on the other hand were up, probably because the dratted dog Sam put in an appearance and stole the show even though he had no scripted lines. What a ham. If he wasn't the size of a large white mouse I'd be tempted to challenge him to a paw wrestle. Second thoughts, he might win ... so that's another good idea gone out the window.

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