Friday, 7 May 2010

First Crop Circle in England for 2010

The year's first crop formation (incorrectly but popularly referred to as "crop circle") appeared on May 5th in an unripe canola crop near Old Sarum, southern Wiltshire.

The indefatigable Stuart Dike has documented the phenomenon for over twenty years. His collaborators include Lucy Pringle and Olivier Morel who took the photographs on this web page. The photographers typically use ultralight aircraft to get to and view the formations as soon as possible after a ground report comes in. The images are copyrighted to the owners who publish them to the website which I have linked to, above. The full archive of images invites a subscription membership.
Stuart writes the following description of this Year's First:

Herewith the first crop circle of 2010. It is in oil seed rape (canola) and measures approx: 180 foot diameter.  It is a circle containing six arcs intercepted by a small circle surrounded by a larger circle. A lozenge shape lies alongside the sixth arc with seven circles lying in an arc below.  It lies below the ancient Hill Fort Old Sarum in Hampshire.  Sadly due to the fact that it lies in Boscombe Military Air space it is also directly below the helicopter low flight approach zone. The images were therefore taken from 2000 feet and also the crop is not yet in full bloom so the imprint is poor.

The first week in May we witness the first English Crop Circle in southern Wiltshire. The area around Old Sarum is certainly not an active part of the countryside for the phenomenon. In fact it has only witnessed a few events of the last two decades, which makes this ‘Curtain Opener’ to the 2010 season quite a surprise. Many of the researchers and followers of the Crop Circle Connector website were probably expecting the Avebury area to ‘take the prize’ for the first official Crop Circle in 2010.  Perhaps this is the start of a migration for the Circle makers?   Only time will tell!

The last time a crop circle appeared close to Old Sarum was 5th June 1992 and 1st August 2006

Any thoughts on the phenomenon yourself? You might have noticed that our mainstream media either ignore or try to ridicule it, despite the attention given by significant numbers of serious non-looney researchers. Interesting, eh? 

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