Monday, 10 May 2010

Terry Pratchett and Back to Ballywire

Can't get away from that Pratchett man. I am halfway through the novel Nation (2008), so I am not exactly up to the minute with his latest. I have yet to read the more recent Unseen Academicals, although a few weeks back I saw the on-stage version performed in Adelaide by the dedicated amateur company Unseen Theatre Company, directed by Pamela Munt. I treated myself to the Doubleday hardcover edition of Nation as a birthday prezzie for me - the day itself is not for another week - but, heck, I always unwrapped gifts the instant I could get my sticky paws on 'em.  What does that say about my iron willpower? Have you not heard of jello willpower?

Yesterday on a whim I drove again to Ballywire Farm and Chris and Pete's on-farm cafe. Perfect sunny autumn weather. The hosts were just as gracious as I recalled; nice setting, busy trade. And heading home I left the car by the roadside and enjoyed a there-and-back walk for the exercise, with lake views either side of the elevated gravel road. I may have mentioned previously that our lakes around here are part-time. Dry salt pans for half the year; 200 of them. But now they are rain-filled and will continue to masquerade as proper lakes for our southern hemisphere winter.

And last night on ABC1 there was the welcome return of the brilliant Foyle's War. Very British in the best way; period and place (England's south coast towns just after Victory in Europe Day) as good as television gets, with an always intelligent script and impeccable performances. Do I sound like a fan? I should tell you that, as an authentic grumpy old man, I'm fairly intolerant of less than the best when it comes to my TV choices. I can admire the process (as the work of creative folk) even when I might deplore the product (for example, the tacky and the over-formulaic; the more inane game shows or sit-coms).  That off button is a great invention.

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