Monday, 31 May 2010

Will's Letter 39 ... goodbye printed newsletter

Today I sent out my (mostly quarterly) newsletter, as I have done for a decade. But this was the final physical mailing. It went by ordinary mail to those acquaintances who to my knowledge don't have internet connection. Perhaps some will be getting email capability before long. Others might occasionally use public access, and care to look at this blog in an idle moment. The remainder may have to - oh dear me - ring me on the dog and bone or even come visit! The letter itself suggests that.

Here's what I wrote:

Hello for a final print-medium Will’s Letter, already replaced by the updated blog (‘Web Log’) to be found on-line at That URL or web address can direct you via a link back to earlier posts at my “grandvoilier” blog, now inactive; but until I take it down the old postings (diary entries) can be viewed there. The new blog is more picture-rich, and I am writing on it a couple of times each week. For some reason, in May, I seemed to be animal-obsessed – perhaps driven by the mouse mini-plague, or else the Monarto Zoo pix which I took of giraffes plus assorted other beasts.

I guess this beastly preoccupation has generated a kind of psychic aura (you know – that Rupert Sheldrake stuff about “morphic resonance”) because this morning I have been watching through a window as the neighbour’s brightly marked goose carries out a tentative yet brave reconnaissance of my yard, while we await a new section of fencing between the properties. The animal kingdom is making an impact.

I had a birthday in mid-May and days later was still full of cake and nibbles from various sources. This Letter 39 is an appropriate number to mark the changeover, 1939 being my year of birth – and yes, the month of May makes me an obstinate Taurus. You can read more at the blog.

Not everyone uses the Internet, yet. If you love words on paper to the exclusion of screen, I’ll endeavour to keep in touch by card, letter, phone too – and if we’re lucky there’s the old-fashioned way, from time to time, over a cuppa.

Whichever it is to be, you are a valued part of my life. Thank you for the pleasure you have given me in our exchanges of news or tall tales. May it continue. From me, however, the Way of the Web is the way to go. Go check out

Very best wishes, Will

P.S.  That's me the other week near Ballywire Farm, well-known for its tearoom.

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