Sunday, 2 May 2010


OK ... more zoo pix, but be warned, there ain't no panda. THAT famous pair are at the city zoo in Adelaide by the banks of the Torrens. Monarto is the Zoo's country cousin, vastly bigger in land size at a thousand hectares (10 square kilometres).

These pictures are from the same visit when I did the tour and happy-snapped my way around (by bus). However, the meerkat enclosure is right next to the visitor centre and you can get up close  -  if not actually personal.

I have to check that the giraffes haven't gone away. Yep, Still there.

  Then came the African wild dogs...
That's the family of African painted wild dogs - I think that's what they are called -  snuggled down in the grass. They are saying, "Buzz off, buster," or something to that effect.

And the lions didn't even wait to say THAT much.  My potential career as wildlife photographer has gone bung before it even got started.

BUT at least there remained the extremely interesting miniature Siberian wild horses, the species Przewalski's Horse, which I believe are the closest living relatives to the ancestors of modern horses. Monarto's herd is not large - but definitely more than the two seen in my photo.

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