Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Minlaton once More

Yes indeed, earlier today our singers rehearsed for July and August concerts, and not only was Denis back with us courtesy of a borrowed wheelchair (he can  walk but gets dizzy) but he sang in two or three numbers with me and Don.

In contrast to our full strength male voice number, namely, THREE, on Sunday afternoon in Minlaton Town Hall  the Metropolitan Male Choir fielded over fifty grey-uniformed stalwarts all the way from their Adelaide base. Local man Neil Forrest acted as MC as well as singing: he travels weekly to rehearsals in the state capital. They were great. The concert was in aid of the Stansbury aged care nursing home Elanora, where our little group performs every three months. John Hill the lead tenor was splendid and did a couple of solos, but everyone did brilliantly.

Also on the stage for two sessions was Sassy, a classy group of three female singers who all reside on the Yorke Peninsula, known personally to several of my friends but not to me. We were privileged to hear such high quality vocal talent. And imagine, twice to Minlaton in under a fortnight for cultural purposes!

The Mays kindly took me with their small party, but unsurprisingly the audience - a full house - included others from our own singing group. Clearly we were there to offer advice, had anyone asked us. No-one did. But no matter.

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