Monday, 9 August 2010

Edit and credit . . . Wordy murky malarkey

Hi. This week we start to notice the promised spring ... the changes in the garden, the earlier light in the mornings, the Council rates notice etc.

Yeah, money stuff. On-line, like a squillion others, I am still exploring the amazing world of stepping into the flow of those potential income streams we keep hearing about. But when we say "still exploring", that really means we never stop, just  like learning about life in general.

So, OK, I earn a modest trickle in professional editing jobs from clients who go looking and find my entry on the freelance register of the Society of Editors (S.A.). You can go there and on the left, click to expand their label "Find an editor". There's me with all the other hopefuls ... I may catch up with 'em at our AGM in two weeks' time.

Other bits and pieces of euro-payment emerge from the brokerage site started six months ago by the hard-working Copenhagen-based Anders Schepelern at   You can check them out, especially if  you have a document for editing. Or just call me!

Trouble with Anders' mob is that the work is coming in very patchily ... I've done minor assignments for clients in Russia, America, England and France. Also one extremely strange document of stats about last year's new stamp issues by Post Offices worldwide, which I think emanated from a Japanese source. And this week for a Moroccan engineer in Denmark.

Blooming heck. About half of the non-English speaking sources are really looking for something between translation and re-writing (which ain't the traditional editing role); plus some of the jobs intended for on-line marketing web pages are from guys who are expecting new advertising copy writing ... and say so! Mr Schepelern (you might win a prize if you can pronounce his name) reckons he'll introduce new categories of job for fair dinkum translation and re-writing. Watch this space.

Meanwhile I'll share this more frank - blatant even - link to my recent acquaintance Steve James who will blast your ear with his audio promo called Multiple Streams of Daily Income Online  Tell me if YOU think it is for really real. I am learning much from Steve and others about the murky underbelly of monetizing - great word - web pages. This might work for you!

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