Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rainy days. Music pleases, Maestro. Poached Egg and Striped PJs.

Lots of rain last two nights - and my larger outside water tank (not counting the in-ground stone-lined cistern) has finally lived up the fact that it passed its use-by date some while ago.Over 60 years old, I'd guess, of the traditional round type, six-foot base, corrugated tin. It sprung a major leak and drained four fifths of the contents most of which I was able to channel away to soak the roots of the plum tree and two of the almond trees. The remainder I have piped to the below-ground cistern. Am looking at quotes for a new tank. The guy in the shop said optimistically,"You can install it yourself."  Yes, and the proverbial pigs can fly. Wot, me? A handyman?

Hard to remember we were in drought conditions only a few months back.

Today was a convivial morning rehearsal then afternoon performance by the singing group. Yesterday's rehearsing of the coming 25th August concert I video-ed in full, and this  morning delivered it on two DVDs to our pianist-cum-musical director Isobel. Which is more inspiring? The singing or the catching up on gossip over lunch? No contest really. It's the gossip. Hey, the music's nice too. Stand-out was Lois and Maureen chirruping the song 'Vilia' from Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow. And the costume appearances in several different numbers by the girls, to wit, Gwenda, Angie, Joan and Elsie. A veil is drawn over yesterday's spectacular unrehearsed event involving a certain group member who sings and also plays a brass instrument, although not simultaneously. That narrows the field, but the actual identity of the individual remains our little secret. To hear the name, send me a substantial sum via Western Union, or just the cash in a plain brown envelope.

I have, to date, put up eleven websites which are in the nature of a minor marketing presence - not counting other affiliate links. My plan is to promote from other, dedicated, blog sites on domains which I own. THIS blog (WillsWarble) is hosted on which itself is owned by the mighty monster Google. So in effect I don't own my blog.

If you want to view a sample web-page which will soon be accessed from my new 'commercial' blog - this one offers a product which consists of five cookery e-books - here is the link. The site is being submitted by a proprietory software to over a hundred and fifty search engines (and you thought there was only Google and Yahoo and a handful more: my favourites used to be Lycos and AltaVista, but it seems that they are relative minnows these days).

And yes, I AM getting more interested in cooking, as an upgrade from my repertoire hitherto of fruit juice plus boiled egg or poached egg, toast and mulberry jam, bananas in pyjamas and pot of tea. The bananas don't wear the PJs, I do. And, OK, they're actually trackie pants. The last time I wore the classical striped pyjamas was about 1949. As for the foodie connection, I have also contributed a short book on good nutrition which will shortly be available in hard copy through another mighty monster,

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