Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September showers

I gather from a met report that August in this state was the wettest for a century and second wettest on record.

So here we are in September - hard to believe - and steady rain or drizzle all day gets spring off to a moist start.

Our choral group is due a rest following three performances in the past eight days, in three different towns. The usual jokes about doubling our salary: twice nothing is ... nothing. But we all get a kick out of it, and the audiences are polite. They say they like us!

Health issues affecting half a dozen people directly, not counting the carers and family who of course ARE affected, are currently scoring three good and three not good. Thoughts go out to these latter.

Here's a question for the organically minded (I don't know the answer). Or should that be the botanically minded? Why do red-gum logs hiss and spit and mallee roots don't? Whatever, I have really enjoyed my open fire during the past couple of months and a fair piece of June too. Two more months and ... yes, probably ... we'll be able to complain about the excessive heat and it won't be from a log fire.

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