Friday, 12 November 2010

The Beatles Movie on Ovation Channel

I don't subscribe to the Ovation Channel on Austar but they're doing a freebie for November. What should be the menu at tea time to go with my homemade vegie soup but The Birth of the Beatles film - billed as "the only biopic of the Beatles made while John Lennon was still alive". Nice and nostalgic, though the cast looked little like the originals. You've heard about - what is it? - six degrees of separation; we should all have a friend of a friend of a friend of a ... who knew the Fab Four or one thereof. Something of the sort. I think I nearly qualify, having spent an evening with Richard Lester - me and six other film  buffs - at the Scottish Film Council soon after he directed A Hard Day's Night. Such is fame. Not. Never met the lads though.

Funny weather, back to rain, but nobody's complaining ... yet. If the wet goes on for a week or two, it will mess with the grain harvest. My only knowledge of farming is the December procession of trucks thundering past my door at all hours of day and night on the way to the silos at Wool Bay.

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