Saturday, 27 November 2010

The effect of cigarettes on space travel

Hi again. Some of you will tolerate my romantic interest in space, so to celebrate one hundred posts to THIS blog - its predecessor got as far as seventy - I refer you to a clever animation of the coming Virgin Galactic trip to orbital space for paying customers (no date as yet).

Besides that, you may find some interest in this updated report from the official Virgin Galactic site, where some of the booked passengers make comment. They all appear reasonably sane individuals, and  not necessarily from among the super-rich. In fact, on that score, I did a quick bit of mental arithmetic: the $200,000 price tag for the seat on the flight is the equivalent of the spending by a person with a $30-a-day habit on smokes and/or alcohol, for 19 years.

No big deal, guys.  Just give up the habit 19 years ago, and there you have the fare in hand, right now.

Thanks for kind comments from readers on recent posts and pix. I can say that there are a good few personal emails too, in addition to comments which you can always add right here on the blog, down there at the foot of the page.

Can't kid you and tell porkies about this blog going "viral" - yet - since the Stat Counter reveals just under a hundred views for November. They're not mine! - the software excludes that. Onward and upward.

Now look at that first link, above, if you want to get a feel for zooming up into zero gravity. No fizzy drinks allowed.

ttyl, Will

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