Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Electric Pachelbel

We're off to do our end of year concert at Stansbury this afternoon.

For now I have taken down the "video bar" on the blog - it was set to YouTube's "most watched" and the weird stuff was a bit ... weird. Couldn't stand that  idiot rabbiting on about the horse in the back seat of the car. Anyone could see it was a Shetland pony: so what was wrong with that? Shetland ponies enjoy outings too.

For sheer virtuosity, try guitar90 (arr. Jerry C) with an extraordinary electric guitar accompaniment to Pachelbel's Canon. It runs five minutes. And, believe it or not, has received - just coming up to - eighty one MILLION views. I can hear why. Stay with it. Watch the fingering. The classic baroque orchestral music plays in the background (which I love on  its own: but this is a different art form). Sorry about the robotic percussion! It is for younger ears, whose owners think it's necessary. Just suspend disbelief and let the track download fully if your computer doesn't stream the audio in real time.

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