Monday, 22 November 2010

Singists on Sunday. An articulate student speaks out.

Hi there.

Sunday was an unusually scheduled rehearsal for Tuesday's coming concert at a different venue. Do I detect a note of panic? Never mind. Our little group did what comes naturally and turned the occasion into more of a tea party - true, with useful practice on either side of the afternoon tea, egg sandwiches and cake, courtesy of Isobel's generosity plus her keen knowledge of how to get the  best out of us. All aspiring  musical directors should take note.

On a fully serious note, take a look at this 1 minute 43 second video of a courageous young student speaking to a school board in Howell (a town which, he mentions in passing, is headquarters of the notorious Ku Klux Klan). You will seldom hear a more articulate 14-year old, let alone one speaking out in defence of a teacher. This is a follow-up to a link a week ago regarding anti-gay activity in some American (and other) schools.

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