Thursday, 16 December 2010

Beware the side-on view

It is the season to be jolly fat. At our song group end-of-year lunch-outing to the delightful Ballywire Farm Tearoom, Denise went crazy with her camera and snapped, among other scenes of feasting, one corpulent chap I hardly recognized. Alas, 'twas I. No! That cannot be, he cried.

So I am starting New Year resolutions early. More exercise (why am I sitting in front of the blasted computer screen? Why are YOU?) and only the very best of nutritious unfattening food in small portions. One cornflake, maybe.

Yes, that'll be the day.

Meanwhile, in case I forget, have a safe and happy fortnight to year's end. Do you say 'fortnight' in your patch, meaning two weeks? I think half the English-speaking world does and the other half doesn't. In this country it varies from state to state. Back in Shakespeare's day some areas even had se'nnight for week (that is, a seven-night). Ho hum. The joys of speech.

Got three minutes? Here's a treat. It's a clip featuring Jon English and Simon Gallaher with "Pour the pirate sherry" from the iconic Australian production of Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. YouTubers, much too young to have ever seen that production, rave about its humour, the bouncy music and still-cool "men in tights" look.

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