Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Satellite TV and a local blood sport

Beautiful day here and good to be alive. The telly shows floods in California of all places; London Heathrow flights staggering back into the air after snowbound shutdown for days ... all the rest of the global mayhem.

Should I feel guilty about our current perfect summer solstice weather? Not a bit of it!

Anthony from Balgowan attended yet again, our local Austar technician, just one week after he installed my new MyStar decoder. Darned device didn't play back recordings nicely: audio OK, pic all fluttery. Ah, says Anthony, I know what that is, and fixed it (apparently with a replacement decoder box).

What, I asked in all innocence, did you do?

If I told you, says he with a smirk, I'd have to kill you before I  leave.

Main thing is I can now record Going Postal from UKTV on Christmas Eve, and still go to the Warooka street parade (where Don is being Santa Claus) without being struck off everybody's invitation list.

In country towns - as I am learning - social invitations are a blood sport.

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