Sunday, 23 January 2011

Clyde the sheepdog does it tough but wins through!

OK, here's a video I made this morning - one of six - where gallant Clyde, age seven, with his owner-handler Lee Mickan does a great job with a stroppy mob of sheep in the pen and up the race into the waiting trailer. He scored 92% which is v. good. He even got tipped over the top of the race by the sheep - then jumped straight  back and got on with the job. Another dog, Andy, suffered a similar indignity and chose to leave the field at speed.

P.S. I've now inserted the first half of Clyde's performance, and have left the second half (where he falls from the ramp) in place, as the second embedded video.

And if you want to see it full screen on YouTube direct, here's the URL:

First half:

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Second half:

or just watch it below ---

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