Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Pirate Crew ... singers, that is.

It was clear at the first singing practice for 2011 that some of us were in recovery from acute withdrawal symptoms ... of NOT singing sufficiently over Christmas and New Year. Except in the shower, or kitchen, or garden shed and so on. Perhaps haunting karaoke bars? ... Mmm,  maybe not.
But it was all good news, singing-wise. The doses of Irish  cream in recent weeks obviously had a vocal lubricant effect.
Reports on genuinely important matters such as health check-ups were also pretty good. Way to go, guys.
I think we should regard ourselves as a sort of pirate crew (you know ... eye patches, wooden legs etc) with enough limbs, eyes, ears, between us, to make several excellent whole members of our team. Works for me.

1 comment:

  1. Argh! me matey, yar best be sippin' some Rum to put the Yo,Ho,Ho back into yer limbs and eyes yer crew be missing!! And thar be many a treasure to be had in that thar drop of Baileys too it's been told! Argh!!!! :)