Thursday, 17 March 2011

Forest of pot plants; belly dancer; dog; fake crocodile

Our song group performed (four times) during yesterday's concert in the Yorketown Town Hall at the annual event involving all the Senior Citizens' Clubs of the southern towns on the Peninsula. WE thought we did well, not always a good sign. The piano stayed hidden behind a plant display by the local nursery. And one of the other performers was a belly dancer, sandwiched program-wise between the bush singers and poets.

Fortunately there were no animal acts. We have enough trouble with Sam the dog in our regular monthly gigs. Sam doesn't necessarily come on stage but there's the ever-present hazard of tripping over him, or being licked unexpectedly.

In the evening I watched Roger Moore being James Bond in Octopussy (1963). I thought I'd seen the multiple Bond films, but this rang no bells. Either I never saw it before, or the memory's going. I mean, going more than before. Here's a piece of trivia to test if YOU know it. How did James B. get to the mysterious island of the lady known as Octopussy? Answer: inside a fake crocodile.  Extraordinary to think that it's 48 years since the movie's first release.

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