Saturday, 9 April 2011

Body Mind and Spirit Fair at Yorketown

Nice event in the Town Hall today, the BoMiSp Fair - is it pronounceable? - and it's on all tomorrow too (Sunday 10th, 10am - 5pm). Cost us $5 to get in, which was fair enough. Aha! A pun. Fair. Get it?

After the obligatory sticky-beaking, we chatted with various stall holders and practitioners, bought bits and pieces, and had a demo of a musical crystal bowl. Later, a snack in lieu of lunch but we got to admire the newly furbished kitchen.

Jan Haugen the main organizer had to be absent after knee surgery, but she's making good recovery. Had a good yarn with her other Leif and we talked about his homeland Norway, whither they are headed in four weeks' time. We checked out practitioners Katie (psychometry) and Nigel (psychic reading) and decided they were fair dinkum. Other folk were offering Reiki and Seichim and Tarot and... stuff.

A good time was had by all, but the event was a little light on numbers. They hope for more through the doors tomorrow. I give it a thumbs up, even if it's not your usual cup of tea. Grab a polished stone of moss agate or black obsidian, or jewellery made from "metal clay" from its designer Vickie Simons. Hey, I can't list everyone! They came from far-off places such as Ardrossan, and Laura and even Modbury. Wow.

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