Monday, 4 April 2011

The End of Summer

Yesterday the clocks went back an hour. Goodbye Australian Central Summer Time. This morning I can start to crawl back to a normal blur,  time-wise, after yesterday's abnormal yet pleasant blur, when I trimmed the second of the two jade bushes flanking the steps to the front verandah. It had looked very bizarre for 24 hours with just the one clipped.

Then I made an expedition to the garden nursery and bought three packets of daffodil bulbs and three bags of compost from Wayne, and I helped him by carrying the daffodil bulbs to the car.

I walked for three quarters of an hour at Flaherty's Beach, conscious of being exerciseless for most of the week.

Undoubtedly the day's highlight was Denis's birthday afternoon tea party which somehow extended until  8pm. He has yet to demonstrate mastery of the truck back flip as shown (to make it easy for him) in the YouTube clip on the last blog here. What's the problem, eh? My wife Daphne did it in a Ford Anglia on a snowy road in Norway. This was before we met, but her account of the event suggested it was quite possibly the original flip which gave the idea to the truck guy.

The day continued - also celebrating Isobel and Denis's anniversary - with inside information revealing the formula for their conspicuously successful marriage: "She gives the orders, and I obey," explains Denis. "But I always get the last word. I say 'Yes, dear.'" Fair enough.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, Lois and Gwenda shared secret girl business: let the guys think it was their idea... provided it's what you planned in the first place. Other stuff like that, 'way over my head.

Believe it or not, we sang also (good, I won't need to go to tomorrow's weekly rehearsal) and even listened to tapes of performances from the early '90s. Before my time. Who are these Gilbert and Sullivan characters??  Have I met them? Do they do Justin Bieber numbers?

The drive home across the Peesey was noteworthy for the number of mice crossing the road in the dark... without looking both ways.

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