Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Parrot, Dog, Royal Wedding looming

Right, today's concert, all singing all dancing (yeah, right) went OK except that the resident bird in its cage was more than usually disruptive. Something Will Have to Be Done. Watch out, bird: I don't know its species, some kind of parroty thing. There are screech owls, are there not? Could this be a screech parrot?

Our cast member, Sam the Dog, on the other hand, or paw, was beautifully behaved and didn't forget a single line. He wore the team and fan colours of the Australian Rules football club, the Adelaide Crows, as did Sam's human, Wendy. The hosting venue, The Elanora Home, laid on a generous and tasty afternoon tea following the concert performance.

I just heard on one news channel tonight that there are around TEN THOUSAND journalists in London to cover the coming Royal Wedding. That's a lot of wordsmiths or scribes. Are the couple in question allowed to change their minds. Umm... I guess not.

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