Sunday, 1 May 2011

The redback spider as a pet

What are the merits of redback spiders as pets? Answer: there aren't any. Gwenda, full-time resident scriptwriter of a certain theatre group (or so it seems at times) may have to modify the 15 centimetre stage prop spider so that it is no longer in the menacing redback livery. I shall have to be tactful in the way I bring up the issue in case she sets the beast on me.

I am reminded of my second* most-favourite line in movies, in a moody monochrome work by Swedish director Ingemar Bergman, spoken by a demented character: "I have seen God. It was a spider."

* You ask? Well, my all-time favourite line is, naturally, from Fozzy Bear in the first Muppet Movie, as he drives through the forest. "Aah.... a bear in his natural environment. A Studebaker!"

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