Thursday, 26 May 2011


Ufology - the study of or interest in UFOs. Actually a ufo is just an Object which is Flying and you haven't Identified it. Unidentified Flying Object. Right? So if the kid next door throws an apple core over your head while your back is turned (he was aiming for your head but missed) and you see it appear in your field of vision, that's a UFO until you turn around and notice the source. No big deal.

But we both know that that's not what is usually meant by UFO. I just watched a History Channel doco based on interviews with Bob Lazar, the electronics engineer who has said consistently for more than twenty years that he worked on the reverse engineering of craft "not built on Earth" for the US Defense Department in the notorious Area 51 in Nevada, which the US government still claims doesn't exist despite satellite imagery which says it does.

Who is right? According to others interviewed - media people and ex-air force personnel and astronauts - Bob Lazar was both well-credentialled and well regarded, until his tendency to talk with media had him kicked off the project and his life and that of his wife threatened if he did so again, as he has done. He passed polygraph tests with flying colours, but it was pointed out that lie-detector tests merely show whether or not one believes what one is saying. Hence, a deluded person will show up as "telling the truth", just meaning the truth as they see it.

For me the interesting thing is that such a TV program airs these days without the old smirk and ridicule factor - compare the treatment of  "crop circle" reporting pre-1990 and now. We the public are invited to keep an open mind more than was the case a couple of decades ago. Somewhat healthy, I suggest. Don't look to me: I'm a true believer in all things spooky from 'way back.

Two bits of Will-lore. It's still May, 2011. Several crop formations, first of the northern season, have appeared near Avebury, Wiltshire (hotbed of such activity) in the last couple of weeks. Curiously, the designs seems to be reminders of early-1990s patterns, less geometrically complex than some from 2000-2010. Make of that what you will. Update: this (again back to complex) formation appeared at Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, on Monday 30 May 2011: it's too soon for articles to have been posted at this link. You can keep informed by going to the Crop Circle Connector website ...

And ufologically... well, I'll assert that I have witnessed unexplained aerial and silent night-time light movements on two significant occasions very different in kind, satisfied they were not either meteorological in nature or caused by known aircraft. And in 1999 I spent a couple of hours chatting one-on-one with ex-NASA scientist Virgil Armstrong whose story is not unlike Bob Lazar's and who claimed some knowledge of the Roswell event of the late 1940s. Don't be bemused by the name Virgil Armstrong - no relation of Neil Armstrong, and you might dimly recall astronaut Virgil Grissom. You have my guarantee that Virgil Armstrong was a whole 'nother person.

And flying saucers generally? Heck, they're pretty clunky. Now, if you want to hear about REAL space technology... feed me a couple of cold beers and I'll tell you.

PS Update on Rusty the Depressed Dog. He's feeling much better!

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