Monday, 11 July 2011

Cold enough? Try Versoix in winter.

People keep complaining about the winter chill. Come ON! In South Australia this means we put on a woolly jumper. A notoriously cold spell in a Swiss town on the shore of Lac Leman (the Lake of Geneva) - sorry, don't know which year - was lyrically filmed and posted with a nice music track. Happily they are currently in mid-summer over there. Just a reminder that we are kinda lucky. In 1989 I enjoyed a boat trip on the lake from Geneva to Lausanne. It was pleasantly warm then!

Double click on the image to get full screen viewing. Actually, that winter was not out of the ordinary - the remarkable ice effects occur from wind-blown spray from the lake, which successively freezes and builds up (even encasing vehicles). And because the author called her clip "Incredible event..." it has been automatically cataloged with some mainly silly UFO and ghost clips. Nobody says you have to watch any of that.

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