Friday, 5 August 2011

Bikes and a birthday

Frankly, I prefer the bikes in this Video (after yesterday's silly aircraft video of faked images). The bikes are real-world solid creations. Some are even real and practical everyday rides; some not so practical; and one or two are purely artworks - love the skeleton!
Now, whose birthday is it today? Clue: it's his 81st. Hmm. All right. That gave away that it's a fella. 'Nother clue. He was a month short of 39 in July 1969 when we all heard about him. Of course. Neil Armstrong, first human officially on the moon. Oops. Did I say that? Anyway, back when I was a kid in the '40s wondering when the first moon-landing would occur... sometime in my lifetime, I reckoned, and at that time MOST ADULTS thought this was way-out science fiction... I NEVER PICKED that The First Man In The Moon was, in fact, almost nine years my senior.
Pity about the Oops. Tell you about that one of these days.

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