Thursday, 25 August 2011

Full House not the Sydney Opera House

OK, the consensus appears to be that yesterday's annual concert by our 14 strong group of singers-and-pianist was good, and many from the audience of old faithfuls declared it "the best ever" by which I take it they meant YOUR best ever; and not, as it were, a Guinness Book of Records all-comers new PB. It felt good, and the warm fuzzies do indeed pump up the endorphins. I just got home from an afternoon of viewing with some cast the DVDs (2 discs) made from my digital recording of the 100 minutes of the concert of songs and sketches.

The on-stage performance itself was preceded by fund-raising trading tables which raised $1,300 for worthy projects; then afterwards we ate up anything left of an edible nature. D. came over from Sydney staying with mum who happens to be Musical Director. She acted cleverly as our photographer documenting this historic event, and I noticed that her car bears the bumper sticker: "Where the hell is Warooka?" Kind of says it all, but WE know.

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