Sunday, 14 August 2011

Well done MMAC, Maitland Music & Arts Club

I don't know what Peter Goers will write in his Sunday Mail column, but I know he has a soft spot for Maitland and comes to their biennial shows. In 2009 it was Oklahoma. Half of the members of our own little singing group were at performances of the MMAC's 2011 Oliver! over two weekends ending the run last night. This must be a great example of the way amateur groups involve a whole country-town community and can reach a high standard. Sure, there's unevenness and the unexpected, but that happens in the theatre world at all levels. And a happy full house on the night - that is magic. Huge credit to 'em all. The program credits demonstrate how much of a family affair the involvement was - often three and four occurrences of the same surnames, even a couple of fives, I think. More than sixty cast and crew. Last week (7 August blog) I made honorable mention of cast, but key team leaders have to be Leanne and Richard Cane (Director and Choreographer; Technical Director) and Di and Roger Morgan (Musical Director; Set Design & Stage Manager). On stage at the end Club President Paul Hayles presented a lifetime membership to veteran of 28 years with the Club, Tim Tuck, who seems to have performed every role possible and dealt with every kind of creative and admin challenge in that time. Long live MMAC and all its counterparts everywhere.

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