Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Red Dog Hunter footnote

Enjoyed the SA Film Corporation's watchable Red Dog last night, from the Louis de Bernières story, but was puzzled by a scene which included Bill Hunter, famous Australian actor, in a small role, since my memory (ever fickle) said he'd died a while back and the film is tagged as a 2011 release. Well, it is. And Bill Hunter (1940-2011) died only in May this year, from cancer, in his home state Victoria. A check on (best place! Internet Movie Data Base) offered among other bio facts that the teenaged Mr Hunter was briefly the 100-yards freestyle swimming world record holder. He was an Olympic squad team member. Alas, a teammate beat his record ten minutes later in the next heat. More trivia: on a film shoot Ava Gardner saw Hunter swimming while On The Beach was being made, said: Why don't you try as an extra for this movie? He did, got a job as an extra, which kicked off his interest in film... and voila!

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