Thursday, 6 October 2011

Singing, Blooming Dutch and Abu Dhabi

Amid the funny weather (spring then back to winter... oh well) we sang the monthly gig yesterday. The group are sad at the passing this week of Andy, a former member from before my time but always spoken of affectionately.

I made a brief visit to the annual Minlaton Agricultural Show and met my friends the Mays as we admired the prizewinning flowers. The Mays ran a plant nursery for many years, which - tenuous connection - was founded as the garden of my present home, before the nursery's move to its current location (now under new owners). I can hardly claim fame from this old connection, since much of my garden always tries hard to return to jungle. The excuse is that this is ecologically sound and praiseworthy.

I went home to an email message in Dutch from a Canadian client. Don't ask - it's complicated. And another from an Australian client resident in Abu Dhabi. I said it was complicated. Happily a mug of hot chocolate meets most of my emotional needs. Is this normal?

 A walk at Port Moorowie is my back-up system for the hot chocolate therapy. Breakers on the horizon , upper right, show the location of the imaginatively named Flat Reef.

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