Friday, 14 October 2011

Where is Abu Dhabi?

Hmm. A contact from last month's editors' conference in Sydney referred a client to me who is from Brisbane but working in Abu Dhabi. The client's academic thesis reached me yesterday after a couple of weeks of preliminaries. I sent back the first chapter, duly edited, and drew attention to a serious matter which only the author can deal  with (as editor I'm not allowed to, under university rules). So what? you may mutter. What's he on about? Well, it means a weekend's hard work for the writer, some thumb-twiddling for me, and it's blooming raining... I can't even go out and cut the grass. Time, therefore, to find out where exactly Abu Dhabi is!
PS Their weekend over there is Friday and Saturday. Now THAT'S interesting. Go Emirates.
PPS I do know where it is really. Do you?
PPPS I wasn't going to cut the grass anyway. Our little secret.

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