Friday, 4 November 2011


Whoops. Another week has flown by. More edit-work coming in from Abu Dhabi... but the thesis-author has just flown off to Poland for a rellie's 90th birthday party and says I'll get the rest of the material a.s.a.p. Everybody I know seems to be going to exotic places. Me, a meal at Stansbury's Dalrymple Hotel is an exotic outing, last Saturday  night, a full 20 minute drive from here. Little did I know it, but from Sunday I was to be without an internet connection for several days - something about a power surge wiping out devices which then took time for extra stocks to be delivered from Sydney, delayed by fallout from the Qantas dispute.
We performed a concert in Minlaton on Wednesday, the monthly visit, always well-received. Thanks guys.
Oh, and as from this morning it appears that I am a certified NLP Practitioner. Yay. However, I am doing the next level in this kind of training, with a goal of completing it by the end of January. Watch this space.

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