Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas meals

Lovely lunch at the Quinn residence to mark the special day in the calendar. Afterwards a nearly-two-hour walk on the tide-out flats of Flaherty's Beach in perfect weather, watching out for whales, basking sharks or tsunamis; conversation about books and other things, interspersed with serious pool paddling.

On return, Simon was about to leave to join his brother Darren at Marion Bay for the rest of the day. The Cliftons and then Donald (Santa Claus in last night street parade in Warooka) arrived for more food, talk, and brief encounters with Irish Cream for which we now have at least three recipes between us.

Greetings to everyone who has sent email cards, messages, news of expeditions more exciting than mine.

2012 draws near, regardless of its fate as the End of the World (21st December, isn't it?). Great, a whole year in which to catch up on all those yet-to-fulfil tasks, both actual and gunna-do.

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