Friday, 27 January 2012

Oz Day ... wot a show

Oh dear, yesterday's Australia Day, 26 January 2012, celebrating the nation ... but not without hitches. OK, so the 4th Test in Adelaide keeps rolling along. That's cricket, guys.
The Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne, Men's Singles Semi-final, Rafael Nadal beats Roger The Fed Express by a whisker at the last gasp, and will meet on Sunday either the current Number One, Novak Djokovic, or my countryman the normally dour Andy Murray. Meanwhile that Aussie teenage tennis phenomenon Bernard Tomic is in trouble with overzealous police who say a P-plate driver isn't meant to drive an orange BMW. What's the world coming to?

Oh, and the PM and the opposition leader get bailed up by protesters at an Australia Day awards ceremony.
The news footage looked unpleasant,  and I'm still unclear who was protesting about what. Supposedly linked to Aboriginal Rights. Maybe so. But it's sad, because that cause .. whether about Sorry Days or rightful concern at rates of aboriginal deaths in custody ... would appear much damaged by yesterday's events.

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