Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday already

A tough week... and it's only Tuesday. A friend's illness is a thing to keep one's own trivial things in perspective, since the friend goes to surgery on Friday for removal of a cancerous mass. There is a difficult prognosis. All this was unknown a fortnight ago.

We went to Port Vincent today and sang at the Senior Citizens' Club, a venue new to us. Was this set up as a a head-to-head contest?  ... our singers had competition from the Stansbury Bush Band ... an all-girl eightsome of instumentalists. Can we learn to play bottle-top percussion sticks by next month?  Can the leopard  change his shorts? (as TP would say).

To cap it all, my Canadian client Rob  is waiting for edit which I am sure I did at the weekend and which has got lost in cybervoid. But on the plus side I have invented (or perhaps re-discovered) a quince omelette, and also produced a port-wine jelly with banana. The week is not  over.

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  1. Hi Will, if this is who I'm hoping it will be, could you please contact me at nigel@orr-online.co.uk.