Saturday, 17 April 2010

Antonio and Raymond

Wow, blast from the past. Mobile phone rang. But it was in the bedroom under yesterday's sox. Later I had to ring the number myself in order to find the pesky thing. Fortunately the caller then rang my house phone number and who should it be but Tony from whom I'd not heard in ... three years?  Four?  So OK, we'll meet up when I'm in town later in the year. He has had a run of poor health, but is coping with the help of Domiciliary Care.

And Ray ten minutes ago texted (I have not got used to that word) that he is on his way and expects to be here later this arvo. He was a welcome helper with renovations of this old house after I moved in, more than seven years ago. It will be good to see him, one of nature's gentlemen.

A week since the first post to this new blog.

The four days in Adelaide were pleasant with four movies seen, all at the Nova or Palace complex, and one Bakehouse Theatre (amateur group) visit. I suppose the more important thing was that the final two minor eye operations at the Wakefield Clinic went well! The "gap" payment was $100 for each of the four procedures, and I paid cash each time, so the dreaded credit card didn't take a hiding.

I am actually up to date on that score: and I came home to an improved bank balance with payments received from a Belgian publishing company for recent editorial services. The nose is above water. Compared to January of 2009, the ship is afloat, whereas back then captain and crew were about to take to the lifeboats.

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