Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ballywire Farm

On Sunday I went with house-guest Ray for a walk on the cliff path at Port Moorowie. Sunny and autumn warm. Then we ventured to Ballywire Farm which I'd driven past several times but never patronised: they do meals, holiday accommodation and a "pet and feed the animals" type of children's zoo with the usual farm animals. We had fresh scones and cream by way of a late morning tea rather than attempting an early lunch. Nice set-up. I mean to go back soon. We spoke with Jo (Joanne) who is the daughter of Chris and Pete the owners. Jo and her husband David own the adjoining land ("over there where you can see the big trees"). They are Yorketown people and know Lesley and Graham May.

Speaking of the Mays, Bob May, Graham's cousin - or second cuz? - greeted me outside Foodland last week where he was selling raffle tickets. First he said, "You don't remember me, do you?", to which I made the appropriate reply, "You're Bob May". Then he remarked that Denis had brought him up to date and he knew all about the singing group and my role. Such is fame. Bob was Prez of the Lions Club when I came to live in the town seven years ago, and he tried hard for three months with no success to recruit me.

Yesterday, Monday, was an honorary Tuesday. We had a singing practice then because the hall is in use today for a funeral service. I did not stay for the usual lunch because Ray and I had arranged to meet and eat before he left for the 4-hour trip home. He'd spent the morning getting a replacement fan belt fixed for the EB Falcon (done by Ian at Yorketown Motors whom I rang at 8.15am) and then a prospective spot of fishing at the Edithburgh jetty. Not sure if he actually put a line in or just observed: he said that people were doing O.K.

At around five o'clock Ray messaged that he had got home without incident, despite a worry about a "pinhole gasket leak" in the 1992 vehicle.

Mid-afternoon to some astonishment I'd a call from Kerry on the NSW coast. They have interest shown in the house but still no sale. We spoke for about twenty minutes. He and Cheryl belong to a Spiritualist Church and think they may connect with one at Northfield once they are back in Adelaide. Kerry says he acquired a 2500cc 3 cylinder Triumph motorbike about four months ago.

Jane B. also rang and will call in tomorrow morning. I am thinking we might go to Ballywire Farm tearoom, now that I have "discovered" it!

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