Saturday, 15 May 2010

Perilous Pier plus Alpacas and Pelican

After the mildly alarming meeting with my kangaroo friend, I thought I'd post a pic of a peaceful beast, provided you are not a fish. The pelican was at Streaky Bay, Eyre Peninsula:

... while this pair of young alpacas were at Stansbury Seaside Fair on the Yorke Peninsula.

Kinda cute.
But speaking of Eyre Peninsula - well, I was a moment ago - what does the local Council of a certain famed but here nameless town think of the structural state of its hundred year old metal Jetty stanchions? I'm guessing the Council doesn't meet where they have a view from under the Jetty. How did I take the pic? Must have hung by my toes and held the camera upside down. Right? Clue: no boat was involved. No alpaca was harmed.

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