Sunday, 16 May 2010

Alfie McKenzie, 14, voted in UK General Election

We could all do well to read the article in last Sunday's Guardian in which British schoolboy Alfie McKenzie wrote of his reasons for making a vote in the recent election which resulted first in a hung parliament and subsequently a shaky coalition between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. And of course the dumping of former Labour PM Gordon Brown for Conservative David Cameron as the new head honcho with Lib Dem Nick Clegg as Deputy.

Alfie's name had been placed on the electoral register in error, through no fault of his. A highly articulate and politically aware young man, he decided he would exercise his unexpected voting status, knowing that it would not be a legal vote. He was unchallenged at the voting booth. The matter only became widely known and reported upon when his school's deputy principal informed the police, who came to interview the 14-year-old. No other action was taken - except by the press!

What has made the event especially remarkable is the quality of McKenzie's commentary which you can read here in the Guardian article. Thanks again, BB, for the link.

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