Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Crop Circle Connector

Crop Circle Connector-dot-com is probably the very best website for monitoring the appearance of each year's crop formations in England, in near-real-time: well, by that I mean within 24 hours of the first spotting of a new formation ("circle") usually in a canola or barley crop, but can also occur in wheat, hayfield, maize (as the Brits call corn) and even beans. The site is maintained by Stuart Dike who takes much of the aerial footage from his ultralight aircraft, and Julian Gibsone who is responsible for producing the DVDs of each season's documented phenomena.You might agree that the old term "crop circle", which entered the language more than forty years ago, is now wildly inadequate.

This elaborate formation appeared yesterday:

The formation is too new, at the time of this posting, for there to be field reports or comments shown. Such data and commentary usually is submitted over several days by serious researchers from around the world.

I include the above direct link by way of my mini-review (i.e. "It is mind blowing") because of course the images are copyrighted to their authors and to CropCircleConnector, to which you can subscribe, as I do, by going to the host site.

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