Friday, 25 June 2010

Red Hair Wins

The excellent news is that our pal Denis is home from hospital in Adelaide. His scans reveal some damage but the decision was for non-intervention, that is, no surgery. Good onya, Denis.

A word of praise for the Aussie soccer players back from South Africa and the FIFA World Cup, where they narrowly missed progressing to the knock-out rounds despite the late victory over a technically clever Serbia - also skilled at taking dives and ham-acting! For some reason the referees were going easy on this tactic in each of the games I saw, despite stupid penalty decisions in other areas. But enough.

At Wimbledon, a new record tennis set, for this level of tournament, was won 70 games to 68.

In Australia, since yesterday, we have a new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who replaced ousted Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd to whom she was deputy. The party leader of the government of the day becomes PM as a matter of course (apart from ratification by the Governor General who represents the crown). Ms Gillard is much noticed in the media for three reasons: 1) she is the first ever female PM in this country 2) she is of Welsh origin, and 3) she has red hair. I will add that she is highly intelligent, ambitious, and probably as ruthless as required when push comes to shove. Mark Latham today warns her to watch her back. The red hair is good, however.

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