Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Zealander Paul Cato; French Freediver Guillaume Nery

Artist Paul Cato contacted me to affirm that he is a genuine New Zealander born and bred. I apologise for a careless reading of my reference-source, and have removed the mis-information from Thursday's blog post where I accused him of being "originally from England". He was good-natured about it and didn't even ask for any correction or apology. A perfect gentleman. Sorry and thanks, Paul.

I've never had the pleasure of visiting Queenstown where Paul is; the nearest in my travels was Dunedin, circa 1992, where I thought from the accents that I was back in Scotland.

Now to another artistic link: this link takes you to an extraordinary vision based on - hey, that's a pun - a short art-film of supposed "underwater base-jump diving", performed by real-world champion FREE-DIVER,  Frenchman Guillaume Nery. Free-diving is a recognized extreme sport (no problem, simply hold your breath for several minutes and descend vertically into appropriately deep water): Nery goes to 109 metres, which frankly should not be possible for a human. For the REAL record dive go here.  For the fantasized and very beautiful edit from many filmed sequences by Julie Gautier, go to the link at the start of the paragraph, or here again.

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