Saturday, 12 June 2010

Yorke Peninsula Coast

Here's your link, below, to a 30-second slide show of several coastal views I took on my little Nikon Coolpix camera. These were still images but they have been mixed and cross-faded to a music background (legally acquired).

Only so much can be done in thirty seconds: watch out for more to come soon. YP has a lot of coastline! Thanks to the neat software from Animoto. You can get it too, not a cent to pay for the basic program. I am planning to upgrade to their no-limit program, after I play around some more with the freebie.

Here's the clip, which I've just called Yorke Peninsula Coast:

Watched it? What did you think? It was a try-out, really. After all, you got only the briefest of glimpses of the south bay at Edithburgh, then Coobowie causeway, one shot of Ardrossan's loading jetty taken from the BHP lookout, and Chinaman's Hat island in Innes National Park. Actually, the close-up shot of four tiny crabs attempting to open a shellfish was at Flaherty's Beach, on Hardwicke Bay. They were in about five centimetres of water. I did not wait to find out who ate whom, but left them to it.

Here's my link to the Animoto website.


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  1. Will, congratulations on your fine piece of work in "Yorke Peninsula Coastline", which brought back memories of when I used to live there. I wonder what we can expect when you upgrade to longer works.