Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wet and cold ... more to come

I know the weather's wet because after heavy rain one roof-gutter overflows inwards and sends a significant dripping onto my bedroom windowsill, on the inside. Until the roofing and guttering fixer shows up (he promised) lots of mopping up towels will be in use. It's a nuisance, but on a scale of minor pest to life-threatening ... it's, well, not the latter. Unless I catch pneumonia, and so far I am staying cosy.

Today I lopped some modest-sized dead branches from the blue gum for firewood. Also I messed around with a bit of DIY concreting for the footing of the retaining wall of a curved garden bed adjacent to the driveway. Nothing much - more trying to turn an eyesore into something reasonably attractive.

Yesterday Isobel and Denis, driven by Denise their daughter, called in on their way to the local hospital for Denis to have further attention after the less than the best results from his scans; we are all waiting to hear more news of his progress.

Another friend is hospitalised in Canberra; we had a telephone chat last night. Fingers crossed for a good outcome there.

The mice are still around! Accounts abound of who caught what and how many. My tally yesterday evening was two. Mice make nice children's storybook characters, but unfortunately the reality is unhygienic and messier. I suppose we could say that they show good sense and taste by preferring to come indoors when the weather turns wintry.

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