Monday, 26 July 2010

Bush Balladeers, RFDS, and more Crop Circles

Yesterday 70 in the audience enjoyed an afternoon of finger-pickin' bushsong singers, held in the Minlaton Golf Club rooms. The event was called the Second Minlaton Music Muster. Main organiser was local man Dave Croser, one of the said singer-guitarists, and Dave Pearce from Kadina was also key to rounding up the pack of fellow balladeers, from Adelaide, Blanchetown and elsewhere.

The main purpose was fund-raising for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I learn this morning that $2,000 was raised. Good effort.

My friend Owen Waters has this link to the Crop Formations which I rave about from time to time. Hence I will give it as a free plug for his site and the links to his own writings, notably his popular book The Shift .
Like me, Owen is a fan of the work of Steve Alexander who - among others - beautifully photographs the crop circles. See his pictures by following the link above.

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