Friday, 16 July 2010

Sunset over Glenelg Beach

Hi. Is it really a week since I posted? Darn. Got home a couple of hours ago from the past three days in Adelaide - and Murray Bridge on Thursday - with a pleasant mix of weather. Rain, sun, cold overnight but a lot milder today.

My personal good news was an all clear from the eye quack so he won't want to see me until January 2011, unless of course any drama arises. We shall see (that being the whole point of the exercise!).

Julie and I had a buffet lunch at the Casino. It's cheap, and pretty good fare. Intended to lure the gaming clientele, hence cheapskates like me can enjoy food subsidised, in effect, by the pokies crowd. We went to see the movie, at the Palace Cinema, Being in Heaven written produced directed and performed-in by Michael Domeyko Rowland, who used it as a vehicle to deliver a somewhat preachy lecture on his version of The Law of Attraction. Pity, the opening 15 minutes promised a much more energetic storyline.The young gun character who returns to Sydney from a disastrous career setback in the U.S. becomes a mere foil for Rowland (as himself) explaining his ideas over a restaurant meal, while, as Julie pointed out, forgetting to eat his getting-cold curry. J. was newly returned from the trip with her  Korean teacher pal, via the Ghan to Darwin, returning by stages ... Katharine Gorge, Alice Springs then the side trip Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Now she is imminently off to India to collect items that she appears to have left dotted around the sub-continent during her nearly thirty previous visits (so she sez). Sounds improbable to me, but what do I know? She used to teach English to them as wished to learn, and survival Hindi to backpackers and other strange people.
Caught up with the Murray Bridge denizens yesterday, then back to the city for a very pleasant three hours in the company of Rebekka mostly at the southern end of Glenelg promenade and a sort of picnic tea followed by a walk on the beach and jetty, admiring a picturesque sunset.

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