Tuesday, 6 July 2010

This Mouse Was Not Caught

Back to wet weather, and happily my new roofing fixer Keegan came last  night to look at the gutter job, returned this evening with  materials, and says he  and his assistant will be here in the morning to proceed, even if I  have already left. They have access to an outdoor power outlet.

 I will be meeting June in Minlaton, then we take my car to the Parsons Beach singing rehearsal prior to the afternoon concert at Melaleuca Court Nursing Home. Today was a full practice in Warooka both for that performance and the main (public) one at the end of August. Elsie who was not singing because of  hosting her visiting family - including great grandchild Lachlan - nevertheless called to deliver the birthday cake for Don, with a mere four candles, being 82 candles short of the correct number. Don demonstrated his clever "mouse trick" using a rolled handkerchief, which greatly amused 6-year old Lachlan for whose benefit it was performed.

In between rainy episodes I've been thinning the thicket of swamp she-oaks partly for a tidier effect and partly to use for firewood. As was established some weeks ago, the wood of that species does burn well provided it is added to an already hot fire. As kindling it's - literally - a non-starter. Three half-decent logs will  keep the fire going overnight.

Last Sunday I had lunch with Gwenda at her kind invitation, and afterwards we watched her DVD of the 1950s now-colourized movie Frankie and Johnny, with Elvis Presley as the doomed Johnny, based on the well-known ballad ending with the fatal shooting of a supposed cheating  lover; the gambling action being set on a Mississippi riverboat. G. said she wanted ideas for a sketch-script. Didn't get any.
 This local clan of galahs find the neighbour's dead tuart tree a handy lookout. The tree will soon be a danger.

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