Monday, 13 September 2010

The Big Women of New South Wales

In PNG and elsewhere, often the powerful are referred to in the patois as 'Big Men' (and it is rare that women might hold an equivalent role). In Australia things are otherwise, which is generally to be applauded. My friend Bill B currently is in Sydney, and - having just visited Kirribilli House (PM's Sydneyside residence) and adjacent Admiralty House (the Gov. General's ditto) on the once-in-two-years Open Days of those grounds and buildings in Milson's Point - he blogs the following:

We were reminded of the interesting situation in NSW at present, where the sovereign (Queen Elizabeth), the Governor General (Quentin Bryce), the Prime Minister (Julia Gillard), the Governor (Marie Bashir), the Premier (Kristina Keneally) and the Lord Mayor (Clover Moore) are all women.

Admitted that HM the monarch is not in NSW this week - but when she does drop by, Admiralty House is at her disposal - the above situation noted by Bill is certainly unprecedented, for any State, in this nation.

As for me, my weekend was only slightly full of incident - Wendy's 60th birthday bash held at the bowling club in distant Warooka (20km), admired Simon's new boat trailer, used MY mundane trailer to take garden rubbish to the tip, and watched an old episode of New Tricks on the ABC. I call that exciting living.

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