Sunday, 19 September 2010

Camtasia Recording Studio

Today is being devoted to me trying to grasp the most basic elements of the Camtasia (video production) software put out by the good people at TechSmith. More anon - if I ever get past the intro for beginners stage!

I have another 20 days of their free trial. So far I can record my computer screen, but I WAS trying to record the audio via my headset microphone. Maybe after morning tea or hanging out the washing, whichever comes first.

Later:  Good-oh. Well, morning coffee break has come first, and by now I have managed to put together a couple of crude videos marrying material from my PDF files with voice-over recording. Definitely a start.

Much still to explore. Digital editing beats the old cut-film-and-stick-it-back-together ways, I guess, but didn't we used to get high on the smell of the acetone-type glue??  Not to mention trying to get it off your fingers.

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