Monday, 20 September 2010

Cecil B. deWill's first Screencast video, almost

Uh, OK, not much to show for yesterday's plodding through the How To... back at the ranch. I mean,  back at Camtasia Studio.  Who comes UP with these names??  Anyway, this was effort numero uno, and I used it to introduce the covers (front and back) of the books which I have submitted to's wholly owned publishing company
Of four titles, two are now available (at Amazon), one is ready but not at proof-copy stage, and the fourth is in preparation. Essentially they represent my humble experimenting for July, August and September, and Book Four is the October project.

[Noted on 27 Sept. I removed the link to Screencast. There is more about my books at this date's post. And thanks, Bill, for your kind comment. How's weather in W.?]

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  1. Congratulations, Will, on your achievement. Using the Internet to publish and market real books leaves blogging in the shade. I'll think of you every time I hear a politician speak as if only people under 20 can use the Internet (thus giving themselves an excuse for opting out). Good luck with book sales and with your mastery of Camtasia.