Monday, 27 September 2010

Melanie McKenzie

Melanie McKenzie is the mystery reviewer of my second book now available on Amazon. I have no idea as yet what her review will say. This book's called How To Hold Their Attention, with the subtitle, Ten Striking True Tales for any Audience. It was published a week ago and is 74 pages, so not a heavy read.

The online publisher is who have just let me know that my third book is on its way to me in proof copy (by snail mail). If it is OK - no big glitch such as blank pages or upside down illustrations - then I hit the Approved button and, hey presto, the book goes on sale at  These are not e-books but actual  physical paperback ... well, y'know, BOOKS!  The third title just  mentioned is on health and nutrition, Keep Age Away, subtitled, Easy Foods for Fitness and Longer Life. It's 98 pages. My online books aim primarily at a North American market. Typically they are written under pen-names. I am busy on the fourth title this week.

I got good feedback from some who saw the Camtasia video I posted (to Screencast) showing the covers of the four books to date, but I am taking the video-link down. The screen-capture video was a pretty unsophisticated effort, more of a try-out for  myself with using the Camtasia tool. I am not a geeky computer user, just learning, which I guess is something we do life-long in all areas.

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